segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2014

"The World @ Work"

No âmbito de um dos domínios de referência, do programa de Inglês do 11º ano, "The World @ Work", foi levada a cabo uma atividade de escrita de poemas com a turma B. Surgiram muitos e bons poemas, mas na impossibilidade de todos publicar foi selecionado o que se segue.

“I wanna be an artist”
Bright colourful lights
fill the room for my delight
throughout the nights
all I see is excite.
If I were to put on my red nose
Laughter would reach Heavens, I suppose.
When the world of magic I were to reveal
Surprise faces I would steal.

If I were to fly my trapezium, for a few dimes
Thrill would show in their eyes to the end of times
And, at the end of it all,
A contortionist I would be, so myself I would twist,
While others assist 
And hope and pray that I don’t fall.

Travelling around planet Earth
Attempting to be sublime 
Trying to make your time worth
Making people feel fine

An artist I wish to become
And see whatever may be to come
Who knows, be one of a team,
But, for now, it’s just a dream.

BY: Ana Isabel Ventura; Filipa Chalim; Sara Amaral  (11ºB)

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